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Romagnola, Romangus, and Angus purebred registered cows, bulls, steers, and calves are available at the ORo Ranch.  The Romagnola produces a low fat beef with a carcass yield as high as 71% on a fullblood.  Romagnola bulls, when used with commercial cattle, will produce calves that wean 50 to 60 lbs. heavier and will have a carcass yield of 64-65% on average.  The Romangus  is a cross between Romagnola and Angus, yielding a coal black calf with a larger hip and higher weaning weight than the purebred Angus.  It is a great combination!

WB Emily 19E with her  Spring 2000 Calf
ORo Kung Fu 
  We have bulls for sale or lease, semen, club calves, heifers,  bred cows and embryos for sale.  If we don’t have what you want, we will help you find someone who does!.  Come see us, email, phone or write.  We’d love to talk with you

Member of
North American Romagnola & RomAngus Association
North American Romagnola & RomAngus Association
Our Bulls are range ready and make an ideal cross for higher profits on your commercial cattle
ORo Joshua
Romagnolas & Angus at our Lakeview Oregon Ranch

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